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Book Down Where the Devil Don’t Go

Down Where the Devil Don’t Go

Publisher: Nine Banded Books

Author: Paul Bingham

Release Date: Out Now!

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Paul Bingham’s prose is delectably lean. His style is subtle yet unsparing. The stories in this collection throb and pulse with a violent cinematic intensity, revealing the black heart of a debased nation headed for a reckoning.
—Andy Nowicki, author of The Columbine Pilgrim

Population I 
– “So who scares you more?” the Skinhead asked. “The critics, or the voices in your head? Or Hitler?”

What the Dead Men Fear – They were six stories up, there was a stalker below, and his charge was being a bitch.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Hollywood – He had no faith in security. His picture was out there—chum for the mob. They’d know him when he left the building.

I Feel Alright – Every night, he’d sit bolt upright on the cot in his pickup truck’s camper, waiting for the blast that never came.

In his debut collection of short fiction, Paul Bingham confronts us with four sardonic tales of men at war. A writer at war with himself. A hired gun at war with time. A soldier at war with peace. A TV executive at war with an audience he cannot understand. When hearts and minds are up for sale and every battle line is blurred, there is yet a war that rages … Down Where the Devil Don’t Go.


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