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Silent Death Book

Silent Death – Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition

Publisher: Festering Publications

Author: Uncle Fester

Release Date: 1997

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Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 | 136 pages

9BB Comments:

Nothing spices up a book catalog like a good old-fashioned poisoner’s handbook, and this is still the best one. It’s accurate, irreverent, occasionally shocking, and very funny. For informational and entertainment purposes, as they used to say…

From the Publisher:

Poisons and the art of killing with stealth are part of humanity’s folklore and heritage, and in the homicidal manifesto, master chemist Uncle Fester has turned his attention to the venomousness that Homo sapiens has wrought — and how these toxic substances are gathered synthesized, and put to use. Tracing the roots of mankind’s knowledge of poisons and their usage back to the shamans who once crafted tribal remedies and administered fatal potions, Fester’s fascinating study includes:

  • What makes a good poison? Five general rules.
  • Inorganic poisons: fluorides, heavy metals, oxalates, arsenic, carbon monoxide.
  • War gases: phosgene, arsine, phosphine.
  • Nerve gas: the poor man’s atom bomb. How Sarin, Tabun, DPF, Soman and V-gas are synthesized and used in guerrilla war, including aerosol delivery methods.
  • Natural poisons: digitalis, rapeseed oil, jequirity beans.
  • CIA shellfish toxin: how saxitoxin is made.
  • Trembles: how tremetol is extracted from common weeds.
  • Time-delay poisons: carcinogens that kill over a long period of time.
  • Botulism: an easily made poison suitable for large- or small-scale attacks.
  • Ricin: kitchen-improvised devastation. How one of the world’s deadliest substances is derived from castor beans.
  • Delivery to the target: basic poisoning tenets.
  • Time-delay fire: untraceable arson by using hydrogen peroxide.
  • Autopsy! What the medical examiner will look for in cases of suspicious death.
  • And more, including a list of the chemicals mentioned in the book and how they are used in industry.


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