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Perfect binding, 5 x 8, 200 pp., 2014
ISBN 1616583509
Release date: November 27, 2014
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Millions of years ago, humans just happened. Accidents of environment and genetics contributed to the creation of sentient beings like us. Today, however, people no longer “just happen”; they are created by the voluntary acts of other people.This book examines several questions about the ethics of human existence. Is it a good thing, for humans, that humans “happened”? Is it ethical to keep making new humans, now that reproduction is under our control? And given that a person exists (through no fault or choice of his own), is it immoral or irrational for him to refuse to live out his natural lifespan? All these questions are answered in the negative–not out of misanthropy, but rather out of empathy for human suffering and respect for human autonomy.


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