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Outlaw History Book Cover

Outlaw History

Publisher: Nine-Banded Books & Underworld Amusements

Author: L.A. Rollins

Release Date: May 15, 2022

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4.25 x 7 | 292 pages | Softcover

Best known as an underground satirist (Lucifer’s Lexicon) and an irreverent critic of bien-pensant libertarianism (The Myth of Natural Rights), L.A. Rollins [1948–2015] was also an unruly exponent of historical revisionism who courted reprisal for his skeptical interrogations of canonical World War II and Holocaust historiography.

Drawn from a variety of marginal sources dating from the mid-1980s, the essays and book reviews in Outlaw History provide contemporary readers with a time-capsule showcase of Rollins’ scathing and scrupulous approach to dissident history—both as a nominal practitioner of revisionism and, inevitably, as a skeptic of revisionist dogma. If these texts are as “problematic” now as when they were written, they also offer insight into a mode of unfettered freethinking that has since been expunged from intellectual discourse. To invoke a popular expression, L.A. Rollins “went there.” And he didn’t care.

Outlaw History is the third volume in the “The Portable L.A. Rollins” pocket paperback series co-published by Nine-Banded Books and Underworld Amusements. It features an introduction by the erudite revisionist and conspiracy researcher Michael A. Hoffman II and a prolegomenon by Chip Smith of Nine-Banded Books.



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