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Book Selfish Little: The Annotated Lesley Ann Downey - Sold Out

Selfish, Little: The Annotated Lesley Ann Downey

Publisher: Void Books

Author: Peter Sotos

Release Date: Out Now!

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SKU: ISBN0977799514

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In this unnerving book, cult author Peter Sotos examines the brutal murder of Lesley Ann Downey at the hands of British “Moors Murderers” Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. With frank, inimitable prose and self-deprecating wit, Sotos interweaves numerous accounts – culled from tabloids, memoirs, and television specials – of the sensational crime and its devastating aftermath with analogous excerpts from recent headlines, explicit erotic fantasies, and graphic descriptions of degrading, often-anonymous carnal encounters. Sotos persistently seeks the truth where others are afraid to look, and discovers an implicit pornography in the public lamentations of Downey’s grieving mother, media coverage of lurid sex crimes, and journalistic forays into the private lives of sex offenders. Replete with autobiographic tales of sexual excess, telling interviews, and thoughtful musings on crime, art, and pornography, Selfish, Little is a surreal “smorgasbord of unabashed vulgarity.”


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