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Nine Banded Books

ANSWER Me!: All Four Issues

Publisher: Nine-Banded Books

Author: Edited by Jim Goad

Release Date: March, 2017

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SKU: NA-0014

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Paperback | 8.5 x 11 | 480 pp.

For the first time ever, all four issues — yes, including the infamous “Rape” issue — of Jim and Debbie Goad’s legendary and seismically controversial magazine, ANSWER Me!, have been collected under one cover. Nine-Banded books is very proud to bring this sumptuous compendium into existence, and we’ve spared no expense in getting it right. Extras include a new interview with Jim Goad, a full-size enclosure of “The Rape Game,” and previously unpublished material.

Long before anyone worried about “trigger warnings” or “safe spaces” or “rape culture,” there was ANSWER Me! — “The Only Magazine Worth Hating.” Tell it to your mother. Tell it to the judge.

05/19/2019 UPDATE: This title is now sold out. For a limited time, you may be able to purchase an autographed copy directly from Jim Goad HERE. There may also be a few left at Underworld Amusements HERE. And HERE is the Goodreads page where you will find direct links to major online retailers. After these sources are depleted, it’s eBay or the highway.



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