About Nine-Banded Books

Voltaire reportedly said, “I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write.” Of course, Voltaire never ordered a book from this catalog. Nine-Banded Books is dedicated to free thought and free inquiry — to the uncensored and unfettered discussion of all ideas and propositions, even the ones that make whores blush, that make the open-minded squeamish, and that might cause old Voltaire to have second thoughts.

Our books are not for the faint-of-heart, the thin-skinned or those who are easily thrown into fits of self-righteous indignation. Our books exist at the murky borderlands, at the prickly edge of acceptable discourse where no dogma is safe, where no cow is sacred, and where people with better sense than you know not to tread.

Now that we have our little caveat lector out of the way, let it be noted that Nine-Banded Books does not promote literary provocation as a terminal value. Simply stated, our mission is to publish and sell interesting books, often by overlooked, misunderstood, or “problematic” writers who chafe against prevailing cultural sentiments and taboos. Provocation, where it may be discerned, is incidental. This is neither a safe-house nor a slum; it is a simple publishing venture devoted the quaint notion that the reading life should be more engaging and adventurous than the big houses would allow.

While we are not actively seeking manuscripts, we will consider work (preferably nonfiction) that tickles our synapses and moves to a beat. Feel free to send queries and suggestions to Chip Smith: chipsmith AT ninebandedbooks.com.

Happy reading!

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