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Nine Banded Books
Aryan - Book Cover


Publisher: Nine-Banded Books

Author: Jonathan Bowden

Release Date: December 31, 2020

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5 x 7.25 | 130 pages

Originally published in 1992 prior to Jonathan Bowden’s reactionary political conversion, Aryan is a kaleidoscopic, prose-poetic study of  “Nazism and the twilight of modern man.” This Nine-Banded Books edition has been transcribed with careful fidelity to the original text and represents the final installment of our “Bowden trilogy,” with Mad and Sade preceding.

What everyone would put in a book – what no one can jot down in a line. Undutiful, irreducible, garrulously subversive, a testament of hatred for the system, in which those who seek it, may find a love of the individual who refuses subjection.



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