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Book Jesus Never Existed

Jesus Never Existed

Publisher: Iconoclast

Author: Kenneth Humphreys

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No “hidden code,” no “secret bloodline,” no “arcane wisdom,” no “holy grail,” in fact, no mystery at all – just the unembellished truth about the greatest fraud in history.
Jesus Never Existed is not a book for those who wish to keep their faith in the cozy bliss of historical ignorance. Drawing on recent scholarly research and the latest discoveries in archaeology, Kenneth Humphreys demonstrates how the so-called “evidence” for a historical Jesus is part of a forgery mill which has characterized Christianity from the 2nd century down to our own, churning out fake saint after fake saint: Mary, Peter, John, James, George. Humphreys reveals that Jewish history, as presented in the Old Testament and as used by Christians, is a race myth, serving the ambitions of a parasitic priesthood. In meticulous detail, he charts the crucial, early centuries which fashioned the Christian faith: the syncretism and religious fusion of the late Egyptian/Greek empires; the pervasive influences from the Orient; the plethora of Christ-cults and the scramble of rival fanatics for power. The Jesus figure, the Apostles (even the town of Nazareth!) are exposed as the theological creation of apostate Jews and Judaizing pagans.


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